If you can do it on the iPhone, chances are …

you can do it on the Android, you just need to figure out how. There is one concept that I think it different on the Android, which I came by accidentally, and that is the idea of the “long touch”. A normal length touch does one thing, but in many applications a long touch provides different functionality. This idea of touching and holding is a new gesture for me, as I’m pretty sure I didn’t do it on the iPod Touch. My latest trick was to figure out how to put a webpage as an icon on the home screen. This is a little trick used to make a website look like an applications – we used it often where I used to work. On the iPhone it is simple, you just touch the + and select “Add to Home Screen”. On the Android, this wasn’t so easy. Thank-you to Phil Wilson for posting the directions for how to add a bookmark to the Android home screen.

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