Learning Technology Tools – Show Me (#edumooc)

In my next instalment of learning technology tools, I thought I'd show you an example of Show Me Interactive Whiteboard. This is an iPad tool which I think is really cool. It is pretty simple. It gives you a blank slate (a whiteboard) which you can load pictures onto or not, and record yourself doing a presentation. With the help of a stylus, it makes it really easy to create short instructional videos that work on the iPad and other mobile devices. What's even nicer, is that the application is free. If you have an iPad, I encourage you to give it a try.

There must be something about the device itself – the tablet nature – that makes this so easy. My first attempt was pretty good – but I was totally ad-libbing, so when I reviewed it I found that I wished I'd said a few more things. So, for my second attempt, I actually wrote out the script first. I still ad-libbed it, but didn't leave out any points. It only took me 10-minutes to make this little clip, which provides a definition of mobile learning – a great segue into next weeks topic 🙂


  1. rather than saying compound learnig, can we say situation-dependent mobile learning, this is the real mobile learning, all other two types are suplementary learning options, in other words mobile extensions for learning. 

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