Critical Digital Health Literacy

December 7, 2016 1

Digital Literacy – Read, Write, Participate (e.g. Digital Health Literacy – “the ability to seek, find, understand, and appraise health information from electronic sources […]

Growing your PLN

December 7, 2016 2

This summer I’ll be teaching a new course on Leadership of Learning in the Digital Age. I’m designing the course as a combination of leadership […]

Health (Illness) bloggers

November 28, 2016 0

In my literature review for my research I came across a great article (Keating & Rains, 2015) on the social support health (illness) bloggers receive. […]

Tagging my posts

November 9, 2016 0

One of the first steps (I don’t have a linear process so there isn’t really one first step) in my research is to tag all […]

Shifting my research question

November 8, 2016 2

In the spirit of open dissertations, I figured I’d write a little more about where I’m headed with my dissertation. My last two weeks were […]

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